About Us


My name is Nate Martin- the founder and creator of Bands of Truth! I am a junior at Grove City College where I was assigned the task in class to create a product and launch a business for it, so that is where the idea began. I created Bands of Truth because I wanted a simple and effective way of sharing what we believe as true with the world, because who doesn't ask what the meaning of one's bracelet is? 

I have two team members, Zach and Tara, who work along side me in the creation of this product. These washer bracelets are hand-made and personalized for each order. We knew we wanted to target a wide range of individuals with our product, so with over 30 color options and the ability to personalize the washer with words, phrases, or Bible verses, we knew anyone would be able to find something that they would fall in love with. 

Go ahead, take a look around and explore the endless options!